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About Fairbrook

Fairbrook Elementary is located at 260 North Fairfield Road in Beavercreek, and serves students from Kindergarten through 5th grades.
A few quick facts about our school:
  • Fairbrook - "A Great Place To Live and Learn" 
  • We are the Fairbrook Foxes.
  • Our colors are blue and white.
  • Our principal is Mrs. Joell Mangan.
  • Student hours are 9:10 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.
    • Student drop off will be 9:00-9:10.  Students will not be permitted to enter the building until 9:00 am.  We will not be able to accommodate students in the vestibule as we have in the past for health/safety reasons.
    • Parents picking up children at the end of the day will not be dismissed until all of our buses have left the lot.  This may mean parents will not be able to leave until close to 4:00 pm so please plan accordingly.
  • Office Hours are 8:00-4:30
  • The cost of lunch is $2.65 (includes milk).  A la carte milk costs $0.55.
  • Each child has a personal identification number (PIN) for lunch. See Policies and Procedures.
Mission Statement

Fairbrook Elementary provides an educational atmosphere that meets unique needs and prepares students for lifelong learning by encouraging and emphasizing:
  • social and academic excellence
  • development of responsible citizens
  • preparation for future educational and work opportunities
  • knowledge and use of technology, and media resources
  • appreciation of the arts
  • problem solving skills
  • a safe and peaceful learning environment.